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natural zeolite powder: 80 mesh -800 mesh
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natural zeolite powder: 80 mesh -800 mesh

    Packaging: 25kg/bag
    Brand: NANXIANG
    Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Basic Info

Model No.: NX-NZ

Product Description


1. China Natural Zeolite For Industrial



A.Radioactive Cleanup :

China Natural zeolites can be used as ion exchangers for removal of radioactive cations such as Cs+ and Sr2+ and heavy metal cations such as Cu2+, Cd2+, Zn2+, Ni2+ and Pb2+.

Radioactive Cs+ and Sr2+ may be present in recycling waters of atomic power stations or as environmental contaminants after accidents at atomic power stations.


B. Nuclear pollution:

At the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Richland, Washington, radioactive strontium-90 and cesium-137 have been removed from radioactive waste solutions by passing them through tanks packed with the natural zeolite. After the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, zeolites were used to adsorb radioactive ions

More than 500,000 tons of zeolite was dumped via helicopter at Chernobyl to absorb radioactive chemicals and other harmful toxins that were released during the disaster. Sandbags of Zeolite were dropped into the seawater near the Fukushima nuclear plant to adsorb radioactive Cesium that was present there in high levels.


C. Wastewater & Sewage Treatment:

Many industries such as mining, refining, plating, and metals processing are challenged with managing the integrity of process materials and process waste.

Because of their ion-exchange properties, adsorption capabilities, mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance and surface charge density, Granular Zeolite can be an effective reatment for the capture of deleterious materials in wastewater and in industrial treament processes.


2. China Natural Zeolite For Agriculture



a. Environmental Solution

Granular Zeolite helps sustainable farming systems convert waste products into a valuable resource by increasing TKN:P ratios, increasing application rates, minimizing disposal costs, and reducing the reliance on purchased ammonia fertilizer.

b. Addressing the Ammonia Problem

Used as a feed supplement, Granular Zeolite can improve feed conversion by capturing ammonia in the digestive process while releasing calcium as a pH buffering agent, and facilitating the uptake of minerals and nutrients.

Some feed trials have indicated that the introduction of a high clinoptilolite zeolite can improve feed conversion by as much 5%.


c. Agricultural Soil Amendments

Once saturated with ammonia nitrogen, China Natural Zeolite has been shown to be an effective long-term, slow-release fertilizer when applied to soils and agricultural crops.

Furthermore, China Natural Zeolite's ability to absorb and release moisture without expansion of volume makes it exceptionally valuable for agricultural soils, particularly in the regions where water conservation and its efficient use are important.


B. Animal Health & Hygiene:

Odor and moisture control in pens, stalls and bedding lanes.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

Nitrogen adsorption and manure improvement

Improvement of air quality and reduction of groundwater contamination


C. Poultry

Increased Manure Application Rates

The intensification of farm operations also brings challenges in managing manures and the ever increasing environmental requirements designed for the protection of natural resources. Often, transport distances and crop land availability impose serious constraints on the disposal of manures high in phosphorous and low in nitrogen.



3. China Natural Zeolite For Aquaculture


A.Fish pond :

As fish feed, they naturally create ammonia that can quickly contaminate a confined aquatic habitat. Because of its high cation exchange capacity, Granular Zeolite can be used to capture and bind ammonia in managed environments such as fish farming, fish aquaria and fish transportation .


B. Zeolites and Bacterial Activity

As a substrate in biological filters, China Natural Zeolite provides an adaptive environment for the cultivation and sustainability of the bacterial populations required in the deconstruction of ammonia,( 54603976,NH3) to ammonium (NO4).


4. China Natural Zeolite For Water Treatment


A. Inexpensive & Easy Wastewater Treatment

Granular Zeolite is used as a method of improving waste water treatment operations, effluent discharge quality and in producing a higher value sludge product for agricultural applications.

Adding China Natural zeolite to municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants may:

Provide higher effluent quality by reducing nutrients in the effluent

Reduce odors and gases and improve air quality

Attract dispersed particulates and filaments to increase sediment removal

Reduce chemical costs (i.e. alum & polymers)

Improve sludge dewatering

Generate and increase treatment plant capacity

Reduce or eliminate capital expenditure of new treatment systems

Provide a higher quality sludge for better resale value

Lower the ammonia content of waste streams to acceptable levels


B. Removing Ammonia

Granular Zeolite has a high selectivity for ammonia in solution (converted to ammonium when it reacts with water), it may, depending on flow rates and zeolite volumes and loading, reduce the ammonia content of wastewater by 95%, thereby reducing the release of excess levels of ammonium and inhibiting the growth of algae and the depletion of oxygen.


5. China Natural Zeolite For Air & Gas Treatment

Zeolites Remove Impurities

While synthetic zeolites are more commonly used for the separation of specific gases, China Natural has the potential of providing equally precise and specific separation when utilized in appropriately engineered systems.

Natural zeolites are used in some systems for upgrading of natural gas and methane, and potential exists for Granular Zeolite to be used to remove water, carbon dioxide and SO2, which could improve natural gas beneficiation yields.



6. China Natural Zeolite For Soil & Turf

A. Zeolites for Better Plant Growth

Granular Zeolite is particularly valuable in holding and slowly releasing valuable nutrients to plants, mainly ammonium nitrogen (NH4+), potassium (K+), magnesium (Mg2+) and trace elements. As a result, it promotes better plant growth by improving the value of fertilizers.

China Natural Zeolite can be applied to manure or compost to increase water retention, deliver nitrogen and other desirable plant nutrients to the growth zone, provide future capture of nitrogen, and increase the infiltration and aeration of the soil.


B. Increased Cation Exchange Capacity

Due to its unique cation exchange properties, China Natural Zeolite has been successfully used to increase fertilizer efficiency and reduce nutrient leaching, a particular concern in environmentally sensitive areas. In a sand-based growing media, Granular Zeolite has been shown to decrease NH4+ and N leaching by 75% to 88%.

China Natural Zeolite increases the overall cation exchange capacity of soil, increases the soils nutrient holding capacity, and tends to buffer the pH of the soil. The water retention capability of China Natural Zeolite also lowers irrigation requirements. China Natural Zeolite increases the water-holding capacity of sandy soils and improve drainage in clay-rich soils.



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